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frank tycer website designfrank tycer wesite designerfrank tycer internet consulting

Maui SEO Website Design & Development

with an emphasis on
Search Engine Optimization

Maui Website Marketing & Social Media Services

frank tycer website designfrank tycer wesite designerfrank tycer internet consulting

My focus is:
SEO Website Development,
Wordpress Website Design,
Search Engine Optimization (SEO),
SEO Consulting & Services,
Social Media Marketing,
Online & Website Advertising,

Website Marketing & Promotion,
Adwords PayPer Click Services,
Advanced Creative Services,
& Webmaster Management Services.

I am a comprehensive resource for Website Design, Development and Promotions.

I build stylish, streamline, well ranking, high traffic, search engine friendly,
websites and blogs

I can help you
balance the right kind of online media
so your website, blog, or online content management system (CMS)
looks good,
builds traffic,
markets well,
and ranks at the top

in the search engines
like Google, Yahoo, Bing & other Search Engines...

I am available as:
a Maui Website Designer,
a Maui Website Developer,

an Experienced Wordpress Designer,
an Ongoing SEO Webmaster,
a Manager or Consultant for
your Online Advertising, Website Marketing & Search Engine Optimization, as well as an expert Tactical Internet Consultant ...

and I can work with you,
in person, or remote,
on any Hawaiian Island or anywhere on the Mainland and Canada.

I can connect you
to a world full of resources
and strategies that will

Get your venture really moving.

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overview of services

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frank tycer internet consultantfrank tycer website design

Maui Website Design


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Maui Website Marketing


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Social Media Marketing

Maui Website Monitization

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Online Marketing & Advertising

Internet Strategies Consulting

Contact me, and lets talk about getting you to the next level

Bio Testimonials Services Websites Flash Animation Portfolio Maui Website Design Contact





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Frank Tycer


overview of services

Maui Website Marketing & Online Promotion


Maui Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - is the art and science of getting you to rank well & be seen properly in Google and other search engines. Is it increasingly imperative to get ranked well on the top of Google's first page for your particular keywords, so that your Maui Website can not only be found, but also so your website can convert visitors in customers. I can implement my skills into your website development project, as well as work with you as an ongoing SEO Webmaster. So give me a call and lets discuss the possibilities.

I am available for Search Engine Optimization Services (SEO services) in Maui and abroad.

Maui Website Maintenance
Do you need more time back, to do what you do? I am available for hire as a Website manager in Maui or abroad, and as a webmaster to help you with ongoing website content upgrades. I can manage specific custom tasks, or overall Website and content management. I can keep your Wordpress website running smooth and ranking well, as well as Wordpress plugin, software, and security upgrades.Along side continued content development, I can perform and suggest search engine optimizing (SEO) specific tasks, like SEO writing, SEO coding, and overall SEO Content Development. My expertise in many areas of Wordpress Websites and Website development make me the ideal Webmaster to help your website continue to grow properly, and continually rank and perform against all the other websites vying for position in this highly competitive and dynamic internet arena.

Maui Adwords Advertising Services & Pay Per Click Strategies
Adwords Pay Per Click Advertising is a powerful, immediate, and extremely effective way to get pre-qualified leads (the right kind of traffic) to your website fast. These are the website visitors that are not only looking for what you are advertising, but they are coming to your website at the moment they are interested. This type of advertising is not only useful for the fast, focused traffic it brings, but also for the intel and analytics that it gives you. So that at the same time you are generating the right kind of traffic to your website, you are also gathering valuable analytics to increase the return on your investment for reducing the cost of your advertising while increasing the clicks. Furthermore this intel from Adwords can be used to create tactics to help you rank better organically. Simply put, the little ads around the search results in Google are very powerful, and can not only bring you more business, but can also be used to make your site rank better. This is a powerful way to increase the amount of people that come to your website, and quickly turn visitors into customers. I am available for Adwords PayPer Click Advertising Services in Maui and abroad.

Wordpress Website Design
Complete Maui Custom Wordpress Website Design, development and implementation for Maui business owners, Maui Residents, Maui Startup companies, or for that matter anyone who needs Wordpress website services in Hawaii or on the mainland. I have happy customers all over the Hawaiian islands, the mainland, and Canada. I can get you going with a new Wordpress website and help you to understand how to use it, so give me a call !

Maui Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing goes way beyond Maui, yet can target specific niche demographics. Related to search engine marketing, yet focuses on driving traffic from sources other than search engines with improved search ranking also being a benefit. Social Media Marketing is similar to viral marketing, yet uses networking in social bookmarking, photo and video sharing websites. And performs in a similar ways with blogs by sharing content through the use of RSS in the 'blog-o-sphere' and special blog search engines such as Technorati. So, again, not only bringing you more traffic, but the right kind of traffic, and from other areas than search engines

Maui Web Design
I am a Maui Website Designer that can create all types of Websites. From one page informational brochure type websites, to fully customized eCommerce Websites. I have experience designing Maui websites in many different niches and with many different platforms. If you can imagine it I can Build it. I am available to design, manage, consult or work with your existing media departments to help realize a website venture just the way you need it. My experience and expertise in many different website development arenas makes me a valuable developer and a great resource for consulting. Not only am I an experienced Maui Website Designer, but I am available for website development, management and consulting throughout the Hawaiian Islands, Canada and the Mainland USA.

Wordpress Website CMS Redesign
Does your Maui Website need to get to the next level? Lets upgrade your website with a Wordpress Website Content Management System (CMS). Here in Maui Wordpress Website Redesigns are very popular. Wordpress sites are fully functional websites that look just the way you need them too, and will allow you to get more traffic and convert that traffic into customers, leads and or sales, while promoting your venture properly. I can also show you Wordpress tips and tricks to optimize and utilize this type of powerful website management system.

Wordpress Website Consulting and Lessons
I can help you to quickly understand the basics of how to fully utilize the Wordpress Platform from managing your website content, to optimizing your rankings with the proper Wordpress Tips and Tricks. I am proud that My Website Clients have repeatedly commented that I have a way of making technical terms and ideologies easy to understand and implement. Check my Testimonials for examples of this. When building your Wordpress site I will make sure you understand how it works, and I can be available for ongoing Wordpress lessons, and or specific advanced Wordpress Website Lessons.

Maui Web Development
I have lived and worked in Maui now for over 12 years and understand the eb and flow of life here on the channel island. I have been lucky enough to be a part of this wonderful Maui lifestyle and have worked with many different businesses and individuals helping them to realize a better Website, better Google ranking or a better understaning of how wordpress can help their venture grow. As a result, I can take that website experience and knowledge and match it with my technical and creative experience for a one on one relationship that will help you to get what you need and also what may not realize you need...and all that at an affordable price. I work with aloha and will go that extra mile to make it happen.

Search Engine Marketing
Does your Maui Website need better online promotions ? Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is going out and getting them, making lots come, and then getting you tactics, tools, and media for once they come - a combination of SEO, managing paid listings at the search engines, submitting sites to directories, creating and managing marketing content, and developing ongoing online marketing strategies - not only bringing you more traffic, but the right kind of traffic.

Maui Email Marketing
Collect, manage and market to your growing collection of email addresses. Get interested qualified people updated and informed, and market to them with newsletters, articles, and promotions with links to gateway pages, eBay listings, web specials, members only areas, and much more...use auto responders and statistics to manage, track, prune, and build, a conversion strong email marketing campaign.

Webmastering / Online Marketing & Advertising
As a Maui Webmaster I can perform ongoing website management duties like content updates and web and blog management, but in addition to maintainance duties I can improve your Online Marketing & Advertising reach with Adwords & pay per click advertising, Affiliate and referral monetization, Webmaster analysis. In addition we can work on advanced forms of SEO like building traffic by getting specific types of links to your website, SEO content creation, special forms of internal linking and coding, Web 2.0 & Social Network Advertising, Search Engine Marketing & Online Advertising Strategies with on & off line reach, all in concert with special online tracking & analytics.... there's a world of advanced resources out there, so lets get connected in high gear.

E-commerce & Website Monetization
Implement the ability to sell and/or charge visitors for services, products, memberships and more. Make additonal revenue from your site by monetizing your traffic with advertising, Adsense, affiliate relationship & other means. Monetizing Sites is streamline tech and integration of all these other areas done well.....

Website, Keyword, Competition, and Demographic Intel & Analysis
What keywords are important to you? What content should you focus on ? What are the opportunities in your specific competitive intenet landscape ? How can you get targeted traffic ? These are just some of the important research questions you need answered to enjoy online success. Understand who your competition is, what they are doing right and doing wrong: and where you need to focus. I can help you to understand who your key demographic targets are. Do you understand how they search, what keywords they use to search with, and therefore what keywords you need to focus on? Understanding your competition at a keyword level is imperative. competitive keyword analysis is who, what, how much, and more, and will help you to focus on important content areas. Save time & money by staying away from unimportant areas, and focus on what works. When it comes to website keyword, competition demographic and Payperclick research and analysis I can find and interpret the information you need to get ahead.

Strategic Internet Consultant
Counseling you toward the big picture by improving your online tactics, introducing you to the vast array of ever changing modern online toolsets. From internet advertising tools like payper per click (PPC), to online search trends, and strategies for researching keywords, competition, and demographics. There are many ways to use these tactics to launch campaigns that will bring more relevant visitors, increase conversion, and get you better ROI. I can help you take a focused look at what you have going on (and what you dont) to define a better strategy help you imrove your internet game plan.

" My niche and value is that even if I’m only doing one of these categories for you, I’m doing it with expertise in all the rest~ "


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