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Project Questionnaire

Below is a project questionnaire that lists a series of issues that we will most likely go over in our first meetings. It will help define the project goals.

You can download it here in Word and PDF format;

Online Project Questionnaire - Word

Online Project Questionnaire - PDF

Read it over and add the answers (and questions) it brings up. You can save it with your additions, and send it back to me by attaching it to an email, or copy pasting it into an email, or printing it out and using it when we talk on the phone or meet. This will allow us to have some background info to establish goals, and directions, as a basis to help us discuss your project in further detail.

Looking Forward ~

Frank Tycer



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Project Questionnaire




Your Online Project Questionnaire:

I. Background & Goals:

Company Contact

Who will be the main contact from your company to oversee this project? Please list name, phone number(s) and email address.

Your Company

Please provide a brief corporate and industry description. Include contact information and a description of the group who will be working on the project.


Please briefly describe what your company does.


How long have you been in business?


How many employees do you have?


Where are you located?


Do you have a current website? If so, what is the URL?


The Project

What is the mission statement or summary of your project?


What are the basic goals of this project? (e.g., branding/identity reinforcement, improved access to information, direct sales, corporate communication, online advertising / marketing, search engine ranking, special functionality, etc.)


Do you have an idea of what the site architecture will/should be? (e.g., About Us, Products, Services, Contact Us, etc.)


Do you need a logo/brand developed?


What are your schedule requirements?


What is the budget for this project? Is there an acceptable budget range or a not to exceed figure based on the level of services? Please explain.


Do you have an advertising budget ?


In its entirety, the site will consist of approximately how many pages?



II. Audience, Content, and Functionality:



Do you have a clear understanding of your target market? Age groups & demographics? How do you want your brand perceived?


Do you have a Content Document which has copy for each page written?

Where will content/copy come from for each page of the site? Will it be new, repurposed, or both?


Will you need strategic messaging and/or copywriting support?


Do you have imagery and graphical assets ready or available for direction ?

Will you need strategic imagery and or graphical assets support?


How often will you add new content?

Who will update the content? Will you need a webmaster ?


What advanced functional requirements do you believe to be necessary? (e.g., password protected areas, download areas, database, ecommerce, etc.)

If youre looking for an ecommerce site, how many products are you selling?

Have you chosen a hosting company?

Do you have any programming language/hosting platform preferences? (.NET, ASP, PHP, etc.)

Do you have a domain name registered? How many ?

III. Competitive Analysis:

Find the three highest quality sites (more is better) on the Web that relate to your project and save their URLs/domain names so we can look them up and discuss them with you-

Websites you like in regards to design, functionality, or usability:

Your competitors' sites:




Here it is in Word and PDF format:

Online Project Questionnaire - Word

Online Project Questionnaire - PDF

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