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Frank Tycer Bio


Frank Tycer Bio

Frank Tycer is a web developer, online marketing specialist, digital and traditional artist,
programmer and webmaster from Southern California, now living in Maui.

Throughout his career, Frank has established himself as not only a programmer & technician,
but also as a commercial & fine artist. Franks commercial work includes 2d and 3d imagery for print, product design, games, web, motion graphics, and interactive media.

Frank’s rare combination of creative & technical expertise has found him as a leader in many a cutting edge niche, from web 2.0 & online marketing, to real time interactive game development.

During his career in the computer animation and games industry, Frank helped launch some of the first
3d PlayStation games for Sony Interactive and Sony Music, enjoying record breaking sales of many titles to his credit. While holding a position as 3d artist / animator at Sony Interactive, he was awarded a certificate of achievement by the Sony Corporation for exemplary work on some of their top selling Playstation titles including NFL GameDay and MLB Pennant Race.

He currently designs, develops, and manages websites & blogs for a wide range of clients.


Frank is available for:

Web Development

Online Design

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Marketing

Email Marketing

Design & Creative

Webmaster / Management

PayPerClick / Adwords / Online Advertising

Strategic Internet Consultant / Counselor


”…..my niche and value is that even if I’m only doing one of these categories for you,
I’m doing it with expertise in all the rest…..”



Frank Tycer


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