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The owners of Tao Foot Spa Wanted an affordable wordpress website that would allow them to manage their own website, to make easy changes and pricing, and at the same time they had a situation that made it difficult for them to rank on Google, as not only is their niche a very cometitive one, but they also didn't own the domain name that was the exact name of their business name (it was already taken). So they first hired me to consult with them on the possible strategies to be able to rank a wordpress site with the domain they already had ( Although tricky and difficult in a competitive Google arena, I was able to access solutions, builld and implement an SEO wordpress website in a timely manner, that fit their budget and got them ranking quickly. I also implemented a special strategy I use to build SEO charged coming soon webite pages to initiate ranking before the actual site os eveen built (it really works to expidite ranking and get us moving toward the overall ranking objective - see testimonials below). I also included some Wordpress guidance that they liked so much, they then hired me to give them more advanced wordpress lessons. They were also very excited that I got them number one for not only both their company name and their domain name, but also for several of their very competitive "money keywords"....

Frank Tycer Maui Web Design borderFrank Tycer Maui Web Design borderFrank Tycer Maui Web Design border

"Franky – Looks amazing, Loving what you’re doing"...

"Great marathon session yesterday.  Thanks for your patience."...

"That's how good you are. We're getting business from a website that doesn't
even exist."...

"Looks great ! Really happy, great job... Thanks"...


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